2 Instagram Tasks You Can Easily Outsource

I am going to be real with you- if you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and burning the candle at both ends…start outsourcing! Entrepreneurs hesitate to do so, but if you want that mind space back, you need to take the plunge.

I have two tasks that are so easy to outsource. There’s no prep, and it will only use up 1 hour total of your time. It’s a great way to get your feet wet in the world of outsourcing. 

  1. Hashtag research

This is relatively one and done task, but depending on your content, you could have multiple sets of hashtags which would be more time on your VA’s end of work. 

Hashtag research usually takes 1 hour which results in  20-30 solid hashtags that will be used on every single post and reel. Again, more research can be done giving you options to use based on your content. 

Hashtags will bring new audience members to your content gaining views on your post! They are vital to your Instagram posts! Truthfully- I cringe when I see posts with 3-5 hashtags just made up on the fly! 

  1. Content Calendar Creation

Okay, say that ten times fast! Creating a content calendar is such an easy way to set you up for a month of success!  

In a spreadsheet I design for you, content ideas and captions can be filled in whatever frequency you’d like to post! This ensures that all your content pillars are hit and you know exactly what to post!

We would work through this together to brainstorm ideas and topics to post about! This can include anything from a reel, static pot, or carousel! 

Now you have 2 tasks you can easily hand off to your VA. What are you going to do with that kind of power? USE IT! And OUTSOURCE!

You can do it. Outsourcing doesn’t have to be intimidating. You deserve the space physically and mentally to do more iin your business. You don’t have to be burned out 24/7.

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