6 Instagram Reel Dos & Don’ts

In the Instagram world we are all trying to survive, be seen, and beat the algorithm. Some are more successful than others, but I have a sure fire way to ensure you make the most out of your Reel!

We spend so much time adjusting the lighting, adding captions, and tweaking small things your audience usually won’t notice. But why skip all the “rules” when you create a reel?

Lucky enough- I created a short list for you to quickly glance and reference when needed! If you head to my IG, I will already have a graphic in my feed that you can save! (I’ll link it below)

Here are your 6 IG Reel Dos and Don’ts


Create a reel less than 10 seconds long:

The sweet spot is in the 5-8 second range, with some flexibility to be 10 seconds long- but no more than that. You want the reel to be short and sweet!


Overwhelm with info

Do not cram loads of information into that 5-8 second reel that your audience can’t read and process. That wastes your time and effort, as well as their view. Keep the content concise, but valuable. 


Show behind the scenes (BTS) 

Any follower loves to see BTS work. You could be underwater basket weaving and they would still feel like a VIP. It makes them feel special and feel included in what you’re doing! Definitely mix in BTS moments into your content strategy for reels!


Create a long caption to accompany the reel

Let’s be reel hardly anyone scrolls or clicks to read the caption on a reel. Tik tok taught us to do otherwise and simply keep scrolling. Please don’t waste your time creating a long and in depth caption for your reel that no one will read. Again- concise, and valuable is the key here!


Add CC when speaking

It’s so easy to get lost in the words and music in a reel. If you’re speaking, add closed captions to your reel to help your audience truly take in your content both visually and audibly!


Forget to proofread!

Please, I beg of you, on my hands and knees…proofread the captions and text in your reel before you post, and then check it again! Mistakes happen for sure, but grammar errors show unprofessionalism and hastiness in my book- neither look good to a potential client or follower. 

Well, there you have it folks! 6 Reel Dos and Don’ts to help you make the most out of your reel and boost the algorithm!

Here’s the post link on my IG to save the image for later and reference it easily!



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