Building Relationships with Instagram Stories

Authenticity seems to be not so authentic sometimes. Social media gives you the space to mask your appearance down to the bloodshot eyes from a good stress cry after a tough day running your business. (We’ve all been there)

Authenticity builds →  relationships Relationships build →  business and the cycle repeats itself. 

An easy avenue for building relationships is social media, the sky is the limit! You wear many hats as the boss of your business as a problem solver, email responder and decision maker… the list could go on. 

So now you’re expected to build relationships online on top of your never-ending to do list? Puh-lease! Who has time for that??? (You do 😉)

But not without a little help from me- your social media gal pal. 

I have the golden nugget of stress free relationship building.  Drum roll please…..Instagram stories!
When I am scrolling the ‘Gram, the stories always catch my eye and I sift through those before I work my way down the feed. This is the space for you to show up authentically to your audience and show them who you are. 

I love to hop in at least once a day M-F to say hello, share exciting news, or post the day’s agenda. It can be as simple or complicated as you make it. 

There’s so many interactive stickers you can add like polls, quizzes, and beyond! IG stories is a great place for feedback, or letting your audience help make decisions!  This feature is a fantastic way to build the like, know, trust value with your ideal client. The more they see you, the more comfortable they will get and eventually will drop an answer, or participate in a poll and everything you’ve worked for will come to fruition. 

Conversations flow and now you have a discovery called booked for next week.

You find common ground and have a new wholesaler ordering product. 

You have an appointment with a potential customer stopping into the store tomorrow. 

You now have a referral partner. 

Posting in stories can be so powerful! And you don’t have the stress of scheduling it out like regular content.  When viewers interact, you now have a group of leads to be nurtured and cultivated until they bloom into something big! (friendship, referral, client, customer)

It’s up to you to say YES to putting yourself in front of the camera and making it happen. It’s normal to be uncomfortable at first, but the more you practice- the better you’ll get! I still do 3 or 4 takes sometimes before I complete a story and post it. 

If social media is stressing you out let’s chat and see what I can take off your hands so you can get 

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