From Burnt Out to Bliss: How I Reclaimed My Freedom as an Entrepreneur (and How You Can Too!)

I was burned out for the first 4 months of 2024. Looking back I realized it had started in the fall of 2023. It’s now the end of May and I am just feeling pieces of normalcy in my life. I pushed myself too hard, overwhelmed myself with the holidays, and when one thing after another went wrong as the new year started, I couldn’t recognize the person I saw in the mirror. She was exhausted, anxious, irritable, and lost. I was pouring myself into LinkedIn in hopes of finding new clients, engaging in my Facebook business page in hopes of booking one discovery call. I just wanted to be seen. 

From Burnout to Bliss

It’s now May and I haven’t touched my LinkedIn or Facebook business profile in months. That’s not where my people are. Through creating space, embracing the slow, and seeking guidance from a close friend and business coach- I officially reclaimed the freedom I wanted in my business and personal life, and also learned how to talk to my audience. 

It’s ironic right? I help my clients speak to and connect with their audience with the goal in mind of fostering authentic relationships that turn into new leads….but once the time came to do that for myself, all the words fell out of my head. Crickets, nothing but crickets. 

My Journey

I’ve always struggled with anxiety, but I experienced the worst and longest lasting anxiety during my burnt out period. I wasn’t sleeping well, disassociated often, and didn’t even want to make dinner each night. I had no motivation to generate momentum in my business, nor did I feel I had the bandwidth to do so. I stopped reading books, texting friends, and barely left the house. I was at hermit level 1,000! I hardly even got out of my pajamas. 

While distance can be good in small doses, this was extreme. 

After doing some reflecting, I came to the conclusion I was experiencing some sort of burnout. It had already started in the fall, but we had a really unfortunate start to the year (I’ll spare you the details) and as they say, “when it rains, it pours” and man were we drenched. 

Coming out the other side

This process is a total work in progress. Self-care isn’t always getting your nails done, or grabbing a coffee while running errands. I needed more soul care. Conversations with friends, time spent in prayer, working through devotionals, and routine counseling appointments brought me slowly to the light at the end of the tunnel. As I am writing this today, I wouldn’t say I’m 100% but I am pretty stinking close. 

As solopreneurs, it is so easy to isolate ourselves and hunker down like a hermit. It is so important to move your body, soak in some sunshine, and make time for activities that feed your soul. 

I had to put myself first. Set boundaries for thoughts, and actions that no longer served me- hello doom scrolling! I had to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes, sometimes I didn’t even change into workout attire. I meal planned no brainer meals and fueled my body with fresh fresh fruits and veggies. 

Probably the biggest motivator I did business-wise was book a strategy call with my friend, mentor, and marketing coach. She helped me streamline aspects of my business and explained why I felt like I was going upstream without a paddle. Don’t get me wrong- it was a larger chunk of change- for me at least-that I wouldn’t normally put into my business. But if I gained a new client afterwards, it paid for itself. 

I also started trading services with a Pinterest marketer. It was always a task in the back of my mind that I knew I needed to do. Did I want to make the time to learn the algorithm and strategy behind it? Nope. So I connected with a friend who needed me just as much as I needed her! Whew! One less thing off the back burner. 

I took away the pressure of social media standards and dove deep into exactly who my ideal client was- it only took me 2.5 years to figure it out! But it then became that much easier to start connecting with my audience through carousels, static posts, and reels. It only took a few weeks for the momentum to kickup! Here are some results just a week apart! I am in the business of slow growth, but overtime that will compound and bring great results!

We are about ½ way through 2024, and I am reclaiming what this year looks like for me. I decided to start my business because I wanted freedom! I wanted to have the flexibility to take a bubble bath at 2:30 in the afternoon, take my Granny to a doctors appointment, pour into my love of baking from scratch- and so much more. I am certainly not an expert, but I’ve come a long way this year.

Here’s how you can reclaim your freedom

Freedom is exactly what you claim it to be. Maybe you’re yearning for slower evenings with the family on the back deck, dying to hop on the sourdough bread trend, or have a goal of reading 24 books this year! But who has the time? YOU DO. You will have to give up and let go of some things, and maybe even outsource others to achieve this. 

This is exactly why I am here. I help the overwhelmed entrepreneur reclaim their freedom as I take the weight of marketing your business online, off of your shoulders. I know first hand what the overwhelm feels like. It’s a lot to carry, and when one tries to run their business and market their business, that’s like taking on two full time jobs! Let me help you get back to doing what you love, and I’ll make sure we enhance your online presence and make strides that are going to generate momentum in your business. 

Reclaiming my freedom helps me reach my work/life balance harmony goals. Harmony sounds more fluid to me than balance and gives flexibility with the ebbs and flows of life. Identifying what burns you out is key, and making time for soul care will help you stay motivated in your business and give you the freedom to take back your days and spend them doing what you love!

If you feel like you’ve been in the trenches of some gnarly stuff, I want to encourage you to 

-get rid of tasks or activities that no longer serve you

-surround yourself with people that lift you up

-pour into activities that light you up 

If marketing your business on socials feels like the biggest burden to you, but you do it anyways- book a discovery call to explore what I can take off of your plate.


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