3 Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant Today

  Are you feeling burnout, and could use a few more hours back in your day? Lucky for you, I have 3 tasks you can outsource to a VA TODAY! Say sayonara  to feeling overworked let me tell you what you can easily hand off to a VA.

Social Media Management

As a small business owner, you already know that social media is key! Whatever platform you utilize to showcase and grow your business will always need some sort of engagement. Social media engagement is interacting with people in your feed via posts and stories. It also includes taking the time to search hashtags and larger accounts that will populate your ideal client, or even find them for you! You then interact with them, hoping that they see your account and what you have to offer, and then give a follow to your page so they never miss a beat. Engagement helps your account be seen by more potential clients– hopefully your ideal client if your account and content is geared towards them . This may all sound daunting, and exhausting, but not when you have a VA in your corner!

Pinterest Tasks

The second task is one I’ve been enjoying for almost a decade- Pinterest!!! Effortlessly hand off the task of pin and board creation, and pinning to your VA. You can even have them create pins for your business too. Pinterest can help your client visually pick their font or branding colors, gain inspo for outfits for an upcoming photoshoot, show clients your work,  or even lead potential clients to a downloadable freebie! The possibilities are really endless! Handing this simple but time consuming task to a VA can be so beneficial to your business! You can utilize pins for current clients and even attract new clients to you!

Content Creation

The third task you can easily hand off to a VA is content creation! Most VAs specialize in these tasks so they adapt quickly to your branding style, and voice! VAs can plan out your content calendar, create or upload images for posts, schedule content, create captions and input hashtags you use. Some VAs may divide this work separately with only content creation, but you provide captions, or they have a separate fee for captions or hashtag research if needed. Check with your VA and see what they offer! Your VA will have a scheduling platform they use for social media posts too. Content creation can be on any platform your VA offers and by the minute they have started you have hours freed up in your day! 

The Challenge

I challenge you- pick one of these tasks today and do a little prep work (so easy!)  so you’re ready to reach out to a VA and start outsourcing! Instantaneously, weight will be lifted off your shoulders and you will have the freedom and flexibility to do whatever is most meaningful to you. Maybe this gives you the opportunity to launch a new brand, take on more clients, or spend time in the evenings with your family instead of working. Whatever your newfound freedom and flexibility looks like- I LOVE that for you!

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