4 Instagram Tasks To Hand Off to Your VA

If you’re a business owner, you more than likely market your business on Instagram! IG can stress people out because of its ever changing algorithm, trending reels, and is very different from its sibling Facebook.

I have 5 Instagram tasks for you to outsource to your virtual assistant that will ease your mind with IG, and keep your business thriving and growing while you focus your energy elsewhere!

Let’s break this down:

  1. Instagram Engagement (this is a two-parter)
  • Finding your target audience- searching through larger accounts to find followers and engaging with them to generate a follow.
  • Liking and commenting in your feed, sharing stories of accounts so they share your mention = more eyes on your business. 

       2.  Hashtag research

                             Ideally having a set of hashtags for each content strategy (ie behind the scenes, blogs, testimony) or one main set to use for every post. 

      3. Metrics tracking

                             This will be done in spreadsheet and for me, mine is included in my content calendar so everything is in one spot. I keep track of my engagement for myself and my clients and the number of followers each week. This helps you know if your account is growing.

       4. Creating Engaging Instagram Stories

            Instagram stories is where I love to connect and reach out to my followers. You can explain what you do, show off products, welcome new clients, and generate conversations with your followers. Here’s some engaging story posts that generate really high engagement on my account.

Pick an IG task to hand off to your virtual assistant today! Get that ish off your plate and spend time doing what you love in your business!

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