5 Tasks to NEVER Outsource

If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs, you know I like to let you know what tasks you can easily pass off to a virtual assistant. I have some shocking news for you….There are certain tasks only YOU  should do. Can you believe that I have tasks you should under no circumstances outsource?

Let’s dive right in!

Here are 5 tasks you should NEVER outsource!

  1. Hiring/Firing employees or vendors

You’re the face of the company and ultimately it’s your business so you need to show up for your team regardless of the discomfort or difficulty. 

  1. Anything affecting your vision for the company

This is your baby. Don’t let outsourcing disrupt your business’s goals and structure. 

  1. Employee training/ Onboarding 

While this may seem easy to pass off, you want employees trained how you want them to work and perform, not in someone else’s perception. Unless you have a team built out expansively where you have department heads for IT, Graphic Design, Customer service etc, you should by no means outsource training. Even if you get to the built out stage, be involved in the training process. 

  1. Building of Business Relationships

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again…maybe more. You’re the face and brand of your company. You should be the face of your business relationships too. Thanks to the virtual meeting world now, it’s a lot easier to connect with others face to face- well screen to screen. Outsourcing building relationships and networking is bad news all around and takes away the personal touch that comes from a small business. 

  1. Tasks You Don’t Understand

The entrepreneurial world is vast in nature and sort of a beast. There are so many platforms to be present on that reach different demographics, algorithms change constantly, and new techniques to utilize in your business pop up frequently. It’s hard to keep up. While it’s okay to outsource a task you’re not proficient in, or maybe don’t have the knowledge or familiarity to do it well, DON”T outsource a task you know absolutely nothing about or don’t understand. Taking someone’s word for it that they know what they are doing, means nothing if you can’t validate the information they are providing you with. You cannot gauge their performance either. There are so many resources in Facebook groups, continuing education, and even in content from larger accounts (ie. Jasmine Star on IG)- utilize that content to familiarize yourself before outsourcing a task you don’t understand the functionality of. 

What did you think?

Are there any tasks that surprised you?

I’m here to always provide the best information and education to entrepreneurs. I’m a little blunt at times, but always provide honesty and the most updated information I have. 

I hope you find these tasks helpful and can recognize in the future what NOT to outsource!

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