Best 5 Reasons to Hire A VA

With five reasons or less, you’ll see why you should hire a VA for your business. If you’re new to the VA world here’s a quick breakdown. VAs or virtual assistants help small business owners with various tasks. This can be anything from advertising and marketing, customer service, social media management, administrative tasks- and beyond! Let’s dive into this shall we?

Freelancing Is The Way To Go

First off, a major benefit to hiring a VA, and maybe something you’re unaware of is that they work independently and free lance their work. Not all do- but the majority. Free lance entrepreneurs means that your life got much easier! With this new client-creative relationship you have hassle free onboarding without worrying about payroll, offering health insurance, or deducting taxes. Bringing someone new into your business just became so much easier!

VAs Work Remotely

Virtual assistants work remotely! For the VA, this not only means that they can work from anywhere- home office, coffee shop, airplane over the ocean- but they can be from anywhere in the world! Most clients prefer VAs in their same time zone or continental location, but the sky, or the world rather, is the limit!  I’ve been able to connect with clients 12 hours away in South Carolina, to the great white north in Canada, and even across the globe in Sweden! I love the opportunities this brings to the VA world- whether it’s in hopes of gaining a client or even a friendship in another country. 

Let’s Stay Organized

A good virtual assistant will handle tasks you have delegated to them, a great virtual assistant will keep your work and their tasks organized and put together. Whether it’s documenting tasks into a project management system, organizing your overflowing inbox, creating folders in your saved file on social media platforms– it all needs done and who better to complete that less than exciting task than a VA. I keep very organized myself, so why wouldn’t I implement that into my client work as well? 

Gain Back Hours In Your Day

My passion for being a VA is to help small businesses avoid burnout and gain hours back in their day. Oftentimes 24 hours in a day simply isn’t enough. I’m talking to the 5am people (myself included) who spend a few hours working before the sun rises and the chaos of the day ensues. Doctors appointments, errands, school drop off and pickup, extracurriculars– all to keep up with while taking time for yourself and running a kick ass business. It seems nearly impossible, doesn’t it? We aren’t meant to do it all- and I am here to help you get those hours back in your day. Sleep in, make your kiddos a fun breakfast, read on your back deck as the sun sets or in all reality, finally start that business project you’ve been putting off for months. Let me handle the boring tasks so you can get back to doing what’s most meaningful to you.

VAs Are Specialized

Lastly, VAs are specialized in what they do. It’s their job and like myself, I practice what I preach. All the systems and routines I use are exactly what I use for my clients because I know they work. VAs who specialize in branding and web design- check out their website and compare it to their portfolio. There should be the same amount of effort and attention to detail in their business site as they put into their clients. Why work hard for others if your personal work doesn’t reflect that? Do your part and check the portfolios of prospective VAs, but once chosen find comfort in realizing that they know what they are doing. VAs can niche down to a handful of tasks they offer- and say no to anything out of their scope of work. Maybe that’s copywriting, social media, or strictly website tweaking and updating. Virtual assistants can also niche down very specifically to their ideal client. This could be wedding photographers, food bloggers, or social media managers.

Are You Convinced Yet?

If you’re on the fence of deciding to hire a VA- I say go for it! I understand your hesitation, but believe me when I say you are in good hands. Take the time to find your ideal VA! Create a Google Form application, conduct introductory interviews to narrow down your search, or hire someone to do that for you (aha, that’s outsourcing my friend). Take the leap and search VAs on Instagram and message a few, or see if any entrepreneur friends can refer a few to you! Do the dang thing and hire a VA!


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