Refocusing Your Business With A VA

Your business demands a lot of love and attention- as it should. But when it becomes overwhelming and you feel like you can keep your head above the water, it’s time to refocus your business and hire a Virtual Assistant.

The term- refocus- it can sound daunting and can imply that big changes are in order. This isn’t always the case nor what I mean in this context. I’m very much a visual person, so picture this: you have a pair of binoculars and you’re looking far off into the distance of an open field. Odds are that what you’re seeing is very fuzzy and unclear. You have no idea what you’re looking at. 

So what do you do?

You move the adjusters to fine tune what you’re seeing until it becomes clear. See where I’m going with this? It’s micro adjustments that help you see the bigger picture ahead- the field in this case, or in reality your business goals and strategy to get you there.

So how do we refocus when it feels like our view is fuzzy?

The main step in refocusing is outsourcing!

Don’t shoot this down right away- I have baby steps to help outsource successfully. 

Here’s 3 steps to help you outsource to a Virtual Assistant. 

  1. Compile A List & Prioritize It

Make a list of tasks you do daily, weekly, and monthly. This could be content creation and scheduling, weekly newsletters, blog post copywriting, sending thank yous to clients from the last month, etc.

Now that your lengthy list is made, you want to pick your top 5 tasks that you hate, could easily pass off to a VA, or something that needs more attention that you can give it. The purpose of hiring a VA is to support your business and help you gain hours back in your day, so you can focus elsewhere.  

  1. Create SOPs

SOPs or standard operating procedures are detailed steps documenting how you’d go about completing a task and outlines doing so. Your VA should be able to read the SOPs and complete tasks with minimal assistance if the SOP is worded properly. You can also chat with your VA beforehand to see what SOPs they need for certain tasks and others they may not. 

  1. Hire A VA and Hand Off Tasks

Not going to lie, this step is a doozy! The relatively easy steps are done, and the groundwork is laid. You’ve chosen the tasks you can hand off and the steps to complete them. Next, hire a VA that you feel matches your personality and fits well with your brand. Conduct interviews, get references, and do any research you feel is necessary. They should have an onboarding process and you will provide the SOPs required for the designated tasks when you hire them. 

Now you can refocus your business. You have hired the VA and can hand off tasks, gradually growing with your business’ needs and finally see the big open field! It’s not as easy as it sounds, but once you begin outsourcing, a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders! You can redefine your goals if needed and take a look at your business from an aerial view. 

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