Top 3 Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

The tasks a virtual assistant can take off your plate is truly endless. But I want to share my most popular tasks that clients outsource to me! 

1. Content Strategy & Creation

The strategy behind what you post plus the content itself is a beast! Outsourcing this takes a huge weight off your shoulders! Let me create content reflecting your brand, educating your audience, and providing value to your target client!

In a content package you can receive engaging and educational graphics scheduled to your platforms as well as captions that captivate your audience, and hashtags expanding your post’s reach! 

That’s a lot to add to your to do list- let me take it off your plate!

2. Pin creation

Listen up, if you’re an MUA, photographer, etc, or if you have freebies and valuable content for potential clients to download and utilize….you need Pinterest! Like any other platform, it’s an amazing route to expand the territory of your target client! 

Pinterst is a great way to showcase your work (photogs, MUAs, course creators, and so on) and also provide tangible downloads for your current or current clients!

If you don’t feel like adding yet another platform to your daily to dos, please, allow me! 

3. Social Media Management

If you’re reading this, you’re on socials, which means you need engagement to stay seen, expand your reach, and boost the algorithm. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not engaging others on your page! 

The minimum engagement I recommend for an established platform is 60 minutes a week- but broken up into at least 2- sessions! 

Engagement includes growing your audience by interacting with your ideal client, scrolling through your feed, liking, commenting, and sharing like you’d do normally, which result in your posts being boosted in the algorithm!

Who has time for this? Ding 🔔 Ding🔔  Ding🔔 , I do! 

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