Top 5 Best Tools for Small Businesses

The amount of online tools entrepreneurs have at their fingertips can be intimidating– don’t let it be! I have hand picked my 5 best tools for small businesses.

1. Google Apps

First up- Google apps! I’ve been a fan for a very long time and love just about every app! I use Google sheets for my content calendars and content planning, Google Docs for my blog post copy, notes, and ideas, and Google Hangouts for client video calls!

2. Project Management System

Next is Asana. As far as project management systems go– there’s SO many options, maybe way too many. I’ve tried a handful of them like Trello and Clickup but Asana is my current favorite! Collaborating with clients is a breeze. Moving around tasks, and setting deadlines is so easy to do and view later! I love the format and how you can not only add subtasks/detail to the main tasks, but also comments later on! By far the best set up I’ve seen!

3. Contract Publisher

Hello Sign- a contract creation (if you need it) and delivery site! I use this monthly as I send new client contracts! For free you can send up to 3 contracts a month! Beyond that they have a really reasonable fee for contracts. This program is quick for me to navigate- I just upload the tailored contract for my client, add signature spaces, as well as my signature, dates, and send it off to my client! It’s user friendly for any client and is a valuable tool for new entrepreneurs. 

4. Social Media Scheduler

As far as schedulers-PLANN is my go to. Whether you have multiple brands– or if you are like me and manage social media for several clients on multiple platforms, PLANN is the best. Depending on your needs, there’s a free option available, or different membership tiers based on brand and platform needs. It’s so easy to use and you can switch membership plans effortlessly when needed. I schedule content a month out so being able to schedule to multiple platforms at a time saves me so much time! If you are starting out scheduling your feed posts, reels, or stories, I *highly* recommend PLANN. 

5. Video Creator

Last but not least- if you can show behind the scenes/ how to videos Loom is an awesome tool to utilize. I like to post tutorials- either creating my content, scheduling posts, or even recording videos for clients when needed. You can show your followers how you edit photos, account set up videos, or how to navigate your site. Loom offers 3 options for membership including a free one! This is so beneficial for entrepreneurs just starting out. 

There you have it!

My 5 top best tools for small businesses.


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