What’s the Purpose of a Newsletter?

Newsletters, weekly emails, monthly emails– whatever you call them, are they a part of your routine in your business?

We are going to talk about all things newseltters and dive into the purpose of creating them! Then you can decide for yourself if this is something your business needs right now!

Newsletters have 3 main purposes. They can vary slightly based on your business (product vs service). 

Let’s break this down,

  1. Newsletters are touch points for potential customes/clients.

It’s a vessel to communicate with them easily if they missed your social media posts, or otherwise. Just think, your phone buzzes with every single email, and it pops up in your notifications. That doesn’t happen (unless you turn on the notifications for it) on social media posts. You can share information more in depth, offer something tangible, and even link your social media posts! You can also easily reuse your content and share specifics that weren’t mentioned in the original post. 

  1. Newsletters should drive traffic to your website.

Whether it’s a contact link, product link, or backlink to another blog- there should always be a call to action with a link attached enticing them to look further into what you do. We build our websites for a reason- use it!

  1. Newsletters can educate potential customers/clients.

Newsletters are for solving problems, sharing valuable information, and educating your audience on what you do. Talk more about your current services, or even new services you’re offering. You can also share an excerpt from a blog post- backlinking to the full post, sharing the opt in, and again- driving them to your website & showing them that value.

Interested in starting a newsletter? I highly recommend Flodesk! It’s user friendly and a great starter system to compose your emails in!

Are you out of ideas for your newsletter topics? Click here to view my IG post with Newsletter topics you can keep reusing!

LAST TIP! Send newsletters how ever often you decide, BUT- be consistent! Every two weeks, first Monday of the month, etc. Your audience should know when to expect emails from you!


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