Why Your Branding Colors Matter

Today’s blog is all about branding! If you’re new to the entrepreneurial world and starting your business, you need to think of how you want your brand represented. But what does that mean? I’m here to answer that question for you!


Branding really revolves around how your brand is recognized. Our eyes remember symbols and specific colors tied to them. Wendy’s? You think of the young girl in braids. Nike? You think of the swish emblem and the phrase, “Just do it.” That’s how these brands are recognized. 

Your Story

Your brand also tells a story, with colors, symbols, and phrases. In some cases you can look at a company’s logo and know exactly what they do or the services they offer. Your story doesn’t have to be lavish or great in detail, the simpler and easier to understand, the better. 

Colors Represent Mood

When I was creating my brand, chatting with my brand photographer, and website designers I was introduced to Color Psychology. This represents how colors are interpreted and what emotions are associated with them. For example, the color pink can represent sophistication and sincerity. The color black can have a formal appeal to it. Colors and mood/behaviors are greatly connected. Check out the color chart below:

Whether you are starting completely new in your business or your brand needs a refresh, consider your branding colors carefully and how you want your brand to be recognized. I was sent a branding mood board essentially with the colors I had chosen, and the overall aesthetic that described what I wanted my brand to be. It’s your business and it should be represented how you wish.



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